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The World-Cultural-Heritage

Das Weltkulturerbe

Africa trip

Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the 

African Union


To the 

World Population

Germany, Luebeck, September 9th 2023

The German-language document you may find here!

The world heritage for Africa is coming.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Readers,

Today my person would like to provide a special letter, which however is a little bit very out of line.

Since my person is on the way as a kind of manager in the matter and on commission of the Lord and also various cultural trips and thus Africa belong to this commission, I would like to draft this letter in advance of a trip, so that the essence of the world cultural heritage will already be known.
Of course, my person does not want to discriminate or downgrade a single human descent of a cultural community in any way and certainly not to offend, but also not to make false promises or raise unrealistic hopes.

But without a clear announcement and without planning one does not get further in the matter and in the order of the Lord and Creator, but for a clear announcement and planning my person is predestined and has been called from the highest place!
And so my person would like to come immediately to the actual inheritance of mankind, in that also the Revelation of John comes to bear thereby.

Because by the "seer John" much unspeakable beautiful but also abyss deeply ugly was described and not least four great living beings* were reported, which gave strange words from themselves or carried out rituals.*  (* Description not correctly rendered. See Revelation chapter 4, paragraphs 6-10.) But if one goes as a human being with open eyes through the world, then one can see in the nature likewise unbelievably beautiful and abysmal ugly and thus one must ask oneself how these big differences and this gigantic variety particularly of the animal world was possible and is still possible.

Furthermore one should ask more exactly whether actually these gross differences can come from one hand or whether there was not a division of the Creation History and different Creators were at work?
So one must go back to the origin of the human being and to his descent and further up to the upright walking human being or Homo sapiens, where probably also the different cultures or races respectively the diversity of the human being was formed.

Excerpt from Wikipedia

"According to biological systematics, man (Homo sapiens, Latin for "understanding, understanding" or "wise, clever, prudent, reasonable man") is a species of the genus Homo of the family of the great apes, belonging to the order of primates and thus to the higher mammals.

Man is the only recent species of the genus Homo. It has been fossilized in Africa for about 300,000 years,[1] where it evolved from Homo erectus via an evolutionary link known as archaic Homo sapiens. There was demonstrable gene flow between Homo sapiens, Neanderthals, and Denisova humans, presumably on multiple occasions. Further, but much younger fossil evidence exists for the species from all continents except Antarctica. Of the extant great apes, chimpanzees are the closest phylogenetically to humans, with gorillas the second closest."

However, if you look at or compare the characteristics of the different races or varieties of humans, you might think that the different species of great apes also have similar characteristics.
This can be of course a coincidence, but that the characteristics of the descent or the variety of the people are owed alone to the origin of the geographical situation and the life situation, will be probably only partly correct. Often also certain races of the people are equipped with certain more or less sharp-soundings of the languages, which are also diverse and usually fit to the overall picture and the characters of the human race and thus will belong to the people.

But it also often happens that the same human race speaks different sounding languages, for example, with distinct sibilants, where others on the same continent speak a more beautiful sounding language without sibilants.
There are languages, there one could conclude actually on an antediluvian period of the language, with which also rudimentary apes could communicate, which would fit then at the same time into rituals and the associated nature religion of humans.
Actually it is not clearly fathomable, by what and by whom the variety of the people and the associated languages of the different races have originated or have developed. 
It is only clear that through this diversity of people many problems have arisen, but also much scope for discoveries and explorations of the world are available and could be explored through the different cultures, which enrich the people of today.

There is much that is instructive, which can only be learned through other peoples and races, which will also affect life after death, and this is what the life of every human being should actually be primarily about. The characters of the human being is very often influenced by the culture and the parental home, thus by the ancestors and thus by the descent of a human being, whereby the faith or the religious affiliation of a family is decisive and thus the person or the individual is formed partly unconsciously character-wise.

Thus, there are many faiths of all kinds and many believers who are firmly tied to all their roots. But the temptations of the big wide world are large and ever more humans say themselves off from their religions and cut their roots, by removing themselves ever further from their family and their family tree. So you travel to distant countries, but apart from souvenirs you don't bring back much for others, but mostly just a wanderlust you didn't know before.

The fascination of distant countries and cultures through the diversity of people and cultures impress many tourists, although as a Christian one knows very well that these people with their gods and rituals are lost after life.
Every Christian knows this very well and nevertheless one flies to these countries and spends his vacation as a guest or tourist in these beautiful countries without thinking about the real consequences for the natives of this foreign culture.

Of course, it is not a matter and not the business of a vacationer to interfere in the life and work of other people on the spot without being asked, but one does not come back to his country as a Christian without at least thinking about others and about the consequences after the life of these others! One also does not lay down as a Christian so simply his faith and thus his family tree, by tolerating everything and still much more and thus in this respect the responsibility for oneself and others likewise lays down, because one lives now for the moment and after the motto: Being present is everything or not?

It is at the end of the time finally the matter of the Monumental-area, led by the Creation by means of God's servant, to take the people in the right and safe direction but the Monumental-area or the "God's servant and Cudgel-holder" communicates unfortunately not with us people but he sends other signals which can have also something holy or spiritually rich in themselves!

Even the increasing earthquakes and earth tremors on the whole world and the volcanic eruptions speak a clear language which all peoples of the earth can understand and communicate to us that something decisive must change, so that something new can come as announced in the Revelation of John!
Thus there are enough good reasons for every mature citizen to read the letters of my person and to make them public and there are even better arguments to put together and worldwide the contents of these documents into action! This is a difficult task, but it is solvable and will* lead mankind into the right direction! 

With kind regards, Ursula Sabisch


HP: It concerns in the matter and in the order also an uniform culture of all peoples, whereby the country borders all remain preserved and of course it concerns also from an uniform race and/or an uniform variety of humans, whereby in each case it will have to be fathomed, whether for example already Africa and its peoples are in the right hand!

10.09.2023* Document checked.

  *(Description of the four great living beings not correctly rendered. See Revelation, chapter 4, verses 6-10.)

13.09.2023* Document checked.