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    Eines der größten Kreuzfahrtschiffe der Welt nach Metern, Volumen und Passagieren! 

    That`s all well and good but only, if a reasonable consideration in the matter and commission was performed!


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The World-Cultural-Heritage

Das Weltkulturerbe

Reservations of some of the cabins for the refugees on the high seas with a predetermined destination.

The German language document you may find here!

A Refugee Ship is wandering around the Sea today.

Excerpt from the Internet:

"Refugees continue at sea
No port for the "Aquarius" as of August 13, 2018 at 5:46 p.m.

Italy says no, Malta says no - and this time Spain also says no.

None of the countries want to have the rescue ship "Aquarius" moored. 141 migrants are on board. The EU Commission is alarmed. Unlike the admission of 629 "Aquarius" migrants on June 17, Spain is not ready this time to offer the "Aquarius" rescue ship a port to enter.

In the current case, 141 migrants are on board. "Spain is currently not the safest port under international law, because it is not the closest port," a government spokesman said."


There is a reasonably well thought out solution for everyone involved!

These men in the photo above look exhausted and sad in parts, but they are probably also confident and hopeful for a better life, as if they set out to live and find work so they can support themselves and feed their families and possibly have them join.

But unfortunately, these people are no longer welcome, which is understandably also related to a legitimate fear for their own children and related to the general lack of affordable housing and jobs. Different lifestyles also clash in the workplace, but especially in housing.
But the migrations are just beginning, as climate change, for example, is just beginning. Thus solutions must be found for all humans equally, which exist in fact also and which my person put in writing several times as a basis! But everybody should always consider that one day there must be a repatriation for every immigrant or refugee to the fatherland, to where the respective family has its roots.
Quite apart from this, it is not a good character trait of those immigrants who have bought themselves expensively in a capitalist state or have immigrated in order to be able to live a more luxurious life, leaving their family and parents and "betraying" their fatherland, through which they have also been fed and educated.

The reasons for emigration or flight must be recognizably justified!

If capitalistic states need for example well educated academics or scientists, then the respective state should look for in the own country and make sure that there will be enough people and those people with the needed potential are promoted accordingly properly, so that a poorer country is not also taken away the "fruits of the harvest" respectively the academics and scientists! 
Those who have already lived well for years in the FRG, although they were not persecuted in their homeland or threatened in life and limb, will go back and give back to their homeland what they and their families have received in advance by their homeland or fatherland.

This will be done by eliminating the various language difficulties,* which will arise due to the turning point in contemporary history, since the intended German language as the unified language will be "entered" into every "mind of a human being" worldwide and thus everyone who has had the benefit of emigration will serve his fatherland according to the respective acquired cultural* knowledge and German language skills!

                           15. Nov. 2018 * /  24. March 2023 /  Expression checked and improved.