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The World-Cultural-Heritage

Das Weltkulturerbe

Easter letter 2023

Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the Roman Catholic Church

To all People of all Countries and Cultures



Please let that German language document be translated in all commercial languages and be handed

over to the corresponding people. The German language document you may find here.

Germany, Luebeck, March 2023


Dear Clergy, Dear Readers,

As many Christians will know, Easter is the highest festival in Christianity throughout the church year. Christianity celebrates the resurrection of Jesus and thus the victory over sin and death.

Cultures or religions of other faith communities also believe in a life or in the persistence of the soul after death. Others also believe that the soul is immortal and can reenter the cycle of life by being reborn in another creature on earth.

However, at least all major religions have one thing in common, because they distinguish between "good and evil" and thus recognize a natural law that was given to us humans by Creation or the Creator of heaven and earth and that we have unconsciously adopted and adhered to pass on to subsequent generations.

Thus, through this law of nature, all human beings have a relationship to Creation, some consciously taking them into their lives and others unconsciously shaping their lives without actually perceiving Creation. Now the foreseeable end of our special time is getting much closer, in that man is presented with alternatives because he sees his habitat threatened from different sides.

Not only does global warming and the resulting environmental catastrophes show a clear need for action by mankind, but also earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, which are already showing a partially clearly changed reaction due to the changed structure of the surface and the overexploitation of the insatiable exploitation of the earth.

But the age of the earth and thus of Creation must not be overlooked either, and this danger and change that is forcibly taking place inside the earth also brings people closer together and closer to Creation. Of course, this includes our sun with the associated solar system, which is already showing increased reactions, which we as humanity of the atomic age can recognize and interpret.

The dangers that arise from the heated atmosphere then affect, among other things, the cooling water required for the fuel rods of the nuclear power plants and they also affect the increasing number of forest and field fires, which in turn will have an unfavorable effect on the next cycle. During the summer time, the number of circulatory collapses of people also shows an increasing tendency due to the annually rising and higher temperatures, and this situation also requires a clear need for action, which cannot be regulated by one state alone, but all countries of the world are equally involved.

The world's oceans are warming up and algae and jellyfish are forcibly multiplying; the oxygen content of the water is reduced and the fish kill is therefore already inevitable. The plastic waste or the resulting plastic particles "put the boot into the life under water", which will also be clearly forced by the waste or by the excrement of the tourists on the luxury liners and by the transport of cattle across the oceans!

Added to this is the melting ice and rising sea levels, but also the methane released as a result, which damages the atmosphere and its layers. The groundwater is also becoming increasingly weak due to the increasing heat waves, but the quality of the treated drinking water is also deteriorating, with the water and drinking water being increasingly scarce in other regions of the world. Some young people are already stuck in the streets or risking their future by doing some unsightly or illegal actions, but what exactly are those in charge doing?

What actually? Who are responsible and where are these people located? What exactly have these people done and what exactly do these people want to continue doing? To whom must these and other people be held accountable for what they have done or what they have not done in the near future?

Guess who?!

Now some of these people want to implement renewable energy by upgrading the wind turbines and solar panels, and by adding the new heat pumps to a new heating system to meet the unrealistic Paris climate agreement, which in a few years' time should  be implemented "on time". In addition, there is the entire conversion from fossil fuels to renewable energies and of course also affects the electric car, which, in terms of quantity alone, requires incredible raw materials in production that are always freely available from everywhere, right?

Then you need very thick underground power cables and the associated batteries to be able to connect the cars to the power sources and of course you need the quantitatively increasing power sources or the power, that will affect the gas stations and private houses. At the same time, the armaments industry is pulling steel and iron out of the ground from all sides, since wars are now also the order of the day, which means that other uninvolved states such as Norway, Japan and China as well as India are also arming and want to secure their borders with war material, what everything the earth must bear!

The increasing growth of the population must not go unmentioned here and the increasing need for housing must also be mentioned, whereby an entire people can be reduced to rubble and ashes not only by earthquakes or environmental disasters, but also by wars, as can be clearly seen in the Ukraine is. Alone for the construction and the housing needs of a country one needs again the seemingly inexhaustible discounter "Earth", on which mankind and the coming generations depend as a basis!

How can you go through life narrow-minded, fill your pockets full or even stuff them full and then think you're the greatest? How can you be so stupid, since just the production of the goods mentioned for renewable energies will result in enormous environmental pollution and the consequences of the exploitation of the earth can no longer be quantifiable??

My person is almost at a loss and soon I don't know what else has to come, so that these and other people finally "wake up" by having to obey and hand over the steering wheel to the right hands! A common global way go walking to a possible future is the only reasonable alternative that is still available to mankind, otherwise nothing will work at some point anymore!

This means especially for the "Easter message" to all people:

A warm apartment or house during the cold seasons is a thing of the past and will become the ultimate luxury! It will first have to be switched to the low flame throughout Europe and then worldwide, otherwise electricity, gas and oil consumption in private households will be shut off! Anyone can dress warmly in his home or stay in small spaces, that can be well heated and include pets there as well. All other rooms will have to be reduced to the necessary minimum, so that the boilers and the heating pipes do not burst. Even the full bath and the daily long-term shower have already become pure luxury, since water could soon be in short supply worldwide!

Driving is also part of pure luxury!

Commuters will have to arrange accordingly and so the bike will have to be brought out of the basement again! The dishwasher and the dryer belong to the highest luxury and may only be used rarely and then fully loaded. The washing machine must not run unnecessarily either, so everyone has to learn to be a little more careful with his laundry and clothing.

Even the stove does not have to be put into operation for hours every day, as there are many lunch menus that can be prepared quickly. Even the vacuum cleaner does not have to run at full speed every day, since everyone can look after his shoes or other sources of dirt. Every household and, a little later, every industrial company will have a fixed heating and electricity limit in the future, which will result in an automatic blockage if the limit is exceeded!

Physical strength will have to replace the compensation for necessary work, which must be made possible in the future as a change in workplaces. Tourism will also be one of the highest luxuries and can no longer be made possible, if during the conversion phase a service rendered for the restructuring of the earth and a common gait are not sought and seen by the local tourists! There is one thing my person would like and have to commend with respect to those currently responsible: There are enough good engineers and many new and sometimes good ideas for the generation of renewable energies, but the desired breakthrough has not yet become clear.

As long as this breakthrough has not yet happened, we will have to wait and practice doing without luxury by closing the discounter "Earth" as quickly as possible and as a necessary exception only one "shop" may remain open and that will, as already determined, China and may still be Japan for the time being!


For this, however, it must be made clear that man should learn from his mistakes, since physical strength must always be an essential source of energy for many reasons, especially for the health of mankind! Only at the end of time may the "superman" be allowed to transcend his limits, but only in the awareness of an transgression of human rights! Actually, artificial intelligence should be used in the short term, but well secured, by feeding the computer with the relevant data from the earth and the atmosphere in order to be able to come up with the trend-setting answers, because my person doesn’t think there is any other reasonable and successful communication with the “sleepyheads ' to be possible in our end time.

In contrast to the artificial intelligence, I would like to mention the new book "Nothing but the Truth" by Archbishop Georg Gaenswein, which clearly emphasizes human intelligence and, on the other hand, artificial intelligence has no chance at all! And so that everyone understands how the hierarchy of worldwide responsibility is graded, I would like to end this “Easter letter” as follows. And although my person would like to end with a short excerpt from the book just mentioned, with the chapter: An all-round teaching position "Free to live your own faith" by Pope Benedict XVI. is quoted:

“Because belief in the Creator is an essential part of the Christian creed, the Church cannot and must not be content with conveying the message of salvation to its believers. It bears responsibility for Creation and must also publicly assert this responsibility. And it must not only defend the earth, the water and the air as gifts of Creation that belong to everyone. It must also protect man against the destruction of himself.”

                                              Ursula Sabisch


HP: There must be an immediate end to the global armaments industry and the wars in the world, because chaos cannot "bear" the earth for much longer!